Breeding bird species

Over 100 breeding bird species

A very diverse birdlife with almost 20 threatened species breed in the Hanhikivi cape and its surroundins. Flood meadows, skerries and wetland serve as a nesting place for a myriad of waterfowl and shorebirds. Valuable bird fauna, for example many owl and raptor species and an unusually concentrated population of Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, also lives in the forests of Hanhikivi.

Special breeding bird species

Species breeding in Hanhikivi cape or its close proximity:

Endangered species

  • Black-tailed Godwit
  • Ruff
  • Little Tern

Vulnerable species

  • Garganey
  • Pintail
  • Turnstone
  • Grey-headed Yellow Wagtail
  • Northern Wheatear
  • Temminck’s Stint
  • Honey Buzzard
  • Slavonian Grebe
  • Shelduck
  • “Baltic” Lesser Black-backed Gull
  • Hen Harrier
  • Tufted Duck
  • Red-necked Phalarope.

In addition, one threatened bird of prey, which is kept confidential due to its sensitivity, nests in Hanhikivi area.

Species listed in Annex I of the EU’s Birds Directive:

  • 21 bird species nest or have a territory regularly, 6 bird species temporarily, i.e. Tengmalm’s Owl, Eagle owl, Bittern, Common Crane, Little Gull, Marsh Harrier, Hen Harrier, Short-eared Owl and Smew.

Hanhikivi is assessed to be, in its present form, one of the most probable places along the Bothnian Bay where the endangered White-backed Woodpecker could nest. White-backed Woodpeckers are observed in the area regularly.

The critically endangered Southern Dunlin has often observed in Takaranta. The area would be a suitable nesting place for the species which also nested in the area until 1980’s.

Did you know?

7 % of the endangered Little Tern’s Finnish population breeds in the Kultalanlahti Bay, north to the Hanhikivi cape.