The Hanhikivi Cape

Hanhikivi is a cape which is located in the Finnish municipality of Pyhäjoki, on the coast of the Bothnian Bay. The cape is about 500 hectares wide and full of natural treasures. The natural habitat types of the land uplift coast and the variety of bird and plant species make Hanhikivi a particularly important biodiversity area.

In the Hanhikivi cape the natural biodiversity can been seen and heard.

Among the mosaic of the many natural habitat types live more than a hundred breeding bird species and over 250 plant species. The low-lying Hanhikivi cape is one of the most representative land up-lift costal areas in Finland. It has an important role in preserving the habitat of threatened natural habitat types as well as bird and plant species.

“The survey of Hanhikivi natural habitat types indicates that the diversity of Hanhikivi area is in a league of its own. Almost the whole cape is covered by threatened habitat types. In addition the whole cape represents one of the most endangered natural habitat types: natural forest succession series of the land uplift coast.”
– Northern Ostrobothnia Environment Centre 11/2009


In Bothnian Bay’s winter can be seen impressive ice ridges which can grow to be even ten meters high. Photo: Vuokko Moisala

The Hanhikivi cape is mostly only 1,5 meters above the mean sea level. The low coasts are constantly exposed to huge variations of the sea level of the Bothnian Bay. Southwestern-winds have risen the sea level in the area at the maximum to +162 cm while the lowest level has been -129 cm. Thus the range is almost three meters.